Oh So Tedious

It’s surprisingly easy to write a best selling novel.

When writing her best-selling book The Lord of the Rings, J. K. K. Rowling was so poor that she had to submit her manuscript on the back of a napkin. As she was too poor to buy pens, she wrote with only a simple owl-feather quill. Now she’s so rich she wrote her latest book The Casual Vacancy on the back of £50 notes. Any idiot can get super rich and famous nowadays. And now you can too!!

You will need:
Pen (or quill if you are poor)
Starbucks loyalty card
Apple Macbook (if you can’t afford a Macbook try drawing an apple on the lid of a pizza box and pretend it’s a laptop)

Without these items you will not become a writer and you may as well just give up right now.

Becoming a writer
Have you noticed…

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