A little bit about the first book.

The Gaia Chronicles is a series about several different things. It’s based on old alchemic themes and Philosophy.

The story takes place in several different times. The first book will reflect on the Present, and the Past. The focus of Book One: Gaia is to tell the untold story of life on earth thousands of years ago on Pangaea .

A story of peace and prosperity changed to war and deception which eventually leads to the promising downfall of the past with several twists which keep the reader thinking.

I’ve also encoded several messages into the story as well. When the book is released it will be released with information on how to decipher the text.

It’s a spiritual journey, a learning experience. Something to share with all for it bears the true meaning of Peace.


About Xorplon

I am science fiction incarnate - C.W.S
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