Questions but no answers.

Why do people wish everything was so easy?

I couldn’t imagine writing/publishing a book without trying my absolute hardest in any way I can.

I have my ideas and I know how I’d like to execute them. Sadly, I regret I have no direction. I’m a regular person with a regular life but I love to write, to imagine, and to bring my imagination to life for others so they can experience the greatness that is CREATIVITY.

One day, I would love to see a place where aspiring writers could simply just go to and ask for help with their book. Today, I’m lost but I’ll find my way. There is no failure … this is my reality and I’m going to make it.

I want people to regain their own creativity in the process.
The imagination …. it’s a gift. Some people say we’re just animals but it is not true.

Animals follow the patterns of nature, they follow a code and do not know how to disobey.
Humans can create, connect , inspire …

I am here to inspire others to write. Write your own story you wish to tell and share it with the world. Don’t limit yourself simply because you have no direction. Make your own direction, create it.


Don’t forget to share ❤


About Xorplon

I am science fiction incarnate - C.W.S
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