Glimmer of Hope Chapter One

Keep it up! I’ll be releasing my first chapter in about a week 😀


Even though It is still in the process of editing, I wanted to share something nice for Valentines Day. This is Chapter One for the romantic thriller Glimmer of Hope.

Comments are always welcome. Happy Valentines Day Everyone!! 🙂


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I am science fiction incarnate - C.W.S
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2 Responses to Glimmer of Hope Chapter One

  1. rbdavis5 says:

    I’ll be curious how your first chapter reads (no need to approve this comment, its for you not to promote my own blog) I put my own first chapter up on my blog, not sure if anyone has read it or not. – if you can let me know how createspace works out, maybe I’ll give it a try

  2. mlnewman87 says:

    Createspace is a self-publishing company run by Amazon. I love it. The website is very easy to navigate and there is a community base where you can ask questions and get answers from professionals. I”ll check out your first chapter 🙂

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