Anglic Carnage

This is Angelic Carnage, please take a seat.
I’m here to share a funky beat.
A beat so true when reality has failed you.
Angelic Carnage here to help save the truth.

Help save the youth, help save your roof, help save your mind, help save mankind.
Watch this now, See your reality break

See and learn from humanity’s mistakes.

Do something with what you teach yourself
Or the angels will take off to help somewhere else.

Rise above, grab your tools.
The mind will help us to over rule.
To create a world which is anew.
To live and care with intentions true

Listen to Fatty Boom Boom for a visual revelation

About Xorplon

I am science fiction incarnate - C.W.S
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2 Responses to Anglic Carnage

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  2. Xorplon says:

    A beat so true, freaky and new.
    A legacy born, The power of you.

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