A question to all writers.

Is there a specific way a chapter should be?

Should a chapter have a specic number of words to make it a full chapter?

Could a chapter with 1000 words be just as good as a chapter with 3000 words?
Should a chapter have more than 1000 words?

My novel will be about 30 pages of full text standard size paper

11″ by 8″

How many pages do you think a page of 11″ x 8″ would become if turned into 6″ x 9″
The standard size.


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8 Responses to A question to all writers.

  1. slepsnor says:

    The word count and page count of a chapter doesn’t matter. It’s the quality that’s important. I’ve read long chapters that are worse than root canal and short chapters that make me wish they wouldn’t end.

    • Xorplon says:

      Thats what I find most of the time.

      I feel as if the shortest chapters can be the best.

      I’ll have read 3 long ass chapters and nothing really happens, all of a sudden chapter 4. It’s so short but … it just makes me want chapter 5 even more ❤

      • slepsnor says:

        I’ve seen that a lot, but again it depends on quality. If a long chapter has enough action and runs at a pace that draws the reader in then it’s done it’s job. I’m trying to remember the name of a book I read years ago that had 30-40 page chapters, but it ran so smoothly and was exciting enough that the length didn’t matter. As for the writer’s take on it, one just has to make sure the chapter does what it’s supposed to do for the story and character development.

      • Xorplon says:

        Slepsnor, please if you have the time send me a message on facebook. I have a question and nobody to ask except for yourself.

      • slepsnor says:

        Sure. I’m under the name Charles Yallowitz. The Gaia Chronicles, right? I might be delayed in responses due to a temperamental toddler, but I’ll keep my computer on.

  2. mlnewman87 says:

    For my novels I try to ration my chapters to ten pages a chapter however if there is quite a bit of action i’ll let it run on to about 14 pgs. It depends on what is truly going on in the chapter that defines it not the word count. I even had a chapter that was only 7pgs because it had enough substance to stand alone and didn’t need a run on of the drama from the next chapter to dull it down or influence it. Does that help?

    • Xorplon says:

      @mlnewman87 thank you. It’s not a matter of help ….just curious. O_o

      I try my hardest to stay away from ” filler ” as much as possible but it’s hard when using anaphora >_>

      and yes it did help so thank you, I was just curious at how others see or view if they think they’re good with what they have or have to make it better just because it should be???

      Not quite sure how to articulate that thought properly enough …..
      Some people just don’t think it’s enough because it doesn’t look it when it’s all they need and they cant see it <—- My best explanation

      • mlnewman87 says:

        I agree completely. I too try to stay away from “filler” but then it makes my work look choppy because it’s only the good parts and no downtime. I have written the same scene in three diff ways before deciding which comes across best…to change my mind and rewrite a fourth. It’s not even that I’m picky, it’s because I can’t make up my mind because i love it all. Make sense? I see your point fully…I was told once by another author that page limits mean nothing as long as you get your point across. I took that and ran with it… 🙂

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