Angelic Carnage Defined

Angelic Ca
Angelic Carnage : Defined.What exactly is Angelic Carnage? Some of my readers think it could be just a part of my story. Other’s have been left with a taste of the subject’s expanded than beyond merely such.If you believe that Angelic Carnage is more than just a theme. You are correct.

I am angelic carnage, I am science fiction.
Angelic carnage is my flex zone, my personal “Zef” – Thank you Die Antwoord

This is wherever my inspiration arrives from. Angelic Carnage is me.

I ejaculated (It was the most fitting term) the term while I was trying to describe my purpose. The declarations “Angelic Carnage” give the right support flawlessly.

I am here to spread confidence, benevolence, pacification and emotion.
I’m also here to, condemn, prosecute, and end with those same emotions.

I’m here to get rid all of “prejudice”.

Those with a view unopened to other’s expositions will taste the wrath of which is Angelic Carnage.

My blog about the National Post is a concrete example of by what method angelic carnage acts.

Check it out here.

Stay attuned and tighten those strings of yours, Angelic Carnage is becoming viral. Angelic Carnage. My souls’ dharma wheel.


Do not let your ego get the best of you.
I m only 21 but please.
Save any comments about age and I know nothing out the window.
Most people I’ve met do not even understand the basic “concept” of “Age”.

Just because a child is 9,
does not mean you need to not consider what they say.
It’s possible for a child to know more about age than the president.
Age is irrelevant.
What is the age of your soul?
If you wish to tell me your soul’s older than mine and I’m wrong. Please, go ahead. I’ll listen to what you have to say.



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I am science fiction incarnate - C.W.S
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4 Responses to Angelic Carnage Defined

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  2. slepsnor says:

    Interesting definition and I can see it now looking at some of the other posts where you mention it. Full agreement about your statements about age. Wisdom comes from experience, but it can also come from an instinctive insight that is not specific to age.

    • C.W.S says:

      Someone’s essence can be hard to explain. And the PS was to comments I had to regard as spam as they were speaking of how I know nothing :O

      ” A wise man knows nothing, a fool knows everything. I’m the wise fool ” – C.W.S

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