Unxpected turn of events.

After my work with we-witng chapter 9 I decided to go back and revis my prologue and Capter one.

After re-reading I realized … Chapter One is just a part of the prologue.

I need to write another chapter now haha.
Change them all and yada yada. Whatever. It may push the release date back a few but hey .. I’m trying for perfection here. I know it’s my first time and all but that’s why I need to ensure it’s perfect.

Stay tuned for the update
@Slepsnore check you facebook


About Xorplon

I am science fiction incarnate - C.W.S
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4 Responses to Unxpected turn of events.

  1. slepsnor says:

    Guess the story wasn’t meant to be 11 chapters. Was there a specific reason you went for 11 or was that just where the story ended?

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