"[Chri(s"t]op) Clochard L

I discovered this little OCD creature in a dense, Middle American forest. I cannot disclose the location, as I don’t want to incite a media frenzy. Nature is precious. And, so are my discoveries 😉

“Good Morning!”
“Look who decided to join us!”
“May I help you, sir?”
“Oh, you startled me, little one.”
“I see you!”
“I see you!”
“Where are you going!?”
“Oop, there you are!”
“There you are!”
“Good morning!”
“Good morning!”
“You startled me!”
“You startled me!”
“You startled me!”
“Mind your own business.”
“Come and join us!”
“I can’t keep up with you.”
“Stop it.”
“Stop it.”
“My neck hurts!”
“Yours does too?”
“Then stop it.”
“You stop first.”

(Like DUNG??? Check out that load.) 

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About Xorplon

I am science fiction incarnate - C.W.S
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