About the Gaia Chronicles

Xorplon wants the unity of his soul. The problem is he does not know it. The problem is he does not know that is what he wants. Xorplon feels as  he is responsible for his people. He was sent to Gaia from the havens just as his ancestors were who founded Xorplonis’ his home town. Sometimes Xorplon becomes so frustrated he loses his faith at periods of time, will rebel by indulging in life taboo.  What he does not understand is that faith is the energy that powers the soul. Xorplon is a natural healer if he see’s anyone in need he immediately goes and helps no doubt.


Xorplon is interrupted in his search for his soul as his soul finds him. It does not happen overnight, and he learns of a dictator trying to kill his people. A man he did not know anything about until a series of events led by universal synchronicity brings them together to follow the same  path.

Excessus rises in the land of Gaia and  begins to  gain  influence over the other 7 races of Gaia, Excessus goal is  exterminate all of Xorplonis to achieve world domination.


Excessus roams the grounds of Gaia wielding his weapon of war standing taller than man with a moon crescent blade. He is not just a dictator, he is a soldier of war and fire.  Eyes powerful enough with power  to    penetrate the soul of man, he can get almost anybody of anything. He can mould into any other individual if he tries hard enough. Nobody has ever actually seen his face it has always  hidden behind his turban. All People think Excessus’  face was covered with a war scar, but  nobody actually knows except for Excessus himself, maybe to those in the Axis Mundi. He walks with  the confidence only a person with the union of their soul has. The same time Xorplon walks which is why their paths must cross.


Xorplon he is dreamy. He is a believer in the gods because of the ruins in the temple of Xorplonis.  He is extremely distant from his people and likes to watch. He waits until it has become far too late and let’s things get out of hand, but he has always been capable of cleaning up whatever mess he gets himself into.


Excessus is like Xorplon and that he is searching for his soul without knowing. He needs to have Xorplon help him in the desire to find his soul and get him to the axis Mundi under the instruction of Venus and Gaia. Excessus is cruel and thinks that the Xorplonis’ should be destroyed, because they are the only nation capable of all 8 to be able to use the power of wind and spirit. His race has their own powers ruled by earth. Xorplon and Descessus are connected by a bond stronger than man, one day they must find a balance.



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