Angel Xorplon : Other names include  Xorplonis,Adam,Bill,Rob,Bryce, Saint Germain, Space Commander ‘zEon.

  1. One of the favorite life he’s lived is by the name Thoth in Ancient Egypt.
  2. His ability to heal is matched by no other.
  3. He once lent his powers to the Goddess Isis so she could resurrect her husband Osiris.
  4. He’s older than the Milky way.
  5. He’s very forgetful ( He never remember’s he’s an angel when he visit’s planets ).
  6. He only becomes involved if he’s commanded too
  7. .A angel of peace, hope, love.
  8. .His smite of God is the most powerful.
  9. He only listens to the one who holds the word of God.
  10. He enjoy’s life’s taboo’s ( smoking tobacco, alcohol ).
  11. Will always find his way
  12. .Is watched over in ever life and protected by heaven
  13. . Favorite food is Strawberry Shortcake
  14. Favorite flower is the Iris
  15. Loves gazing at the stars for hours.
  16. Carefree.
  17. Loves to learn.
  18. Loves to help.
  19. Heals when he can.
  20. Enjoy’s the arts.
  21. Brings new and great change.


Angel Venus :Other names include : love,Sophie,Amy,Mary, Goddess of War

  1.  A vixen at heart.
  2. She is given the word of god by Neptune.
  3. She is a fierce commander One of the most trusted Angels.
  4. She is ruled by the power of love All evil dissappears before her She’s only called to help when things are becoming tough.
  5.   Her favourite flower is the Lotus.
  6. Her favourite food is angel food cake.
  7. Her favourite song is Fur Elise.
  8. Her commander is the Angel Michael.
  9. l She rules over the Milky way.
  10. Her hair is normally blonde.
  11. She hates life’s tabbo’s She can control any human soul.
  12. She lacks remorse.
  13. Her smite of God may only smite those with evil inside.
  14. She’s from the Andromeda galaxy.
  15. Never want’s to help, thinks people that create their own mess should clean it.

Most famous as the Greek Goddess Athena


Angel Neptune : Other names : Creativity,Pluto,Oceanus ,Telum,,Horus,Gabriel. 

  1. The angel of creativity.
  2. His favourite life is in the year 4050 by the name Xarzus.
  3. His favourite food is smoked salmon.
  4. He’s not much for words, but when he has something to say it means it’s important.
  5. Holds all creativity on earth and distributes it as instructed.
  6. His trident shoots bolts of electricity charged water.
  7. His trident may never break.
  8. He’s not one for war, but is one of the best warriors in heaven.
  9. He’s been instructed to watch over Xorplon no matter the cost.
  10. He resides in the Axis Mundi, Only to leave if he needs to complete a mission by god.
  11. Passed the word of God to Venus for help to protect Xorplon.
  12. Asks Venus to give Xorplon the tools of his soul.
  13. When he leaves the Axis Mundi he reincarnates into a body that may control water, earth, and fire.

From the Galaxy where the sea serpents rule he’s their leader.

One day he will summon the sea serpents of heaven to show the draconian what a true reptile’s wrath feels like.

ngel Excessus.

Stay tuned


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    New characters added all the time

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