“Australia’s landscape soaked up a third of national carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels over the past two decades, a CSIRO assessment has found.”

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Black and Write

Lifelong friend,

We speak without speaking,

Share a history we both have lived,

Characters in a story that we both have told.

Our parents cut from a similar mould,

Blue collar, God fearing, salt of the earth

We are cut from that same cloth.

Neighbors as children and again as adults,

More like sisters than our sisters,

Distance only a temporary hindrance,

How peculiar our bond.

What path our futures may hold, I do not know,

What I do know is that you will color mine,

And I yours,

Lifelong friend.

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~

* Written from my wife’s point of view about her best friend who she has know since she was 6 years old.  They grew up together almost 3,000 miles (and 40 years ago) from where we live now and now her best friend and her husband live waking distance from us.  That is a…

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Science & Space

Mainstream environmental groups have struggled to find the right line on shale natural gas and the hydraulic fracturing or fracking process. Gas has a much smaller carbon footprint than coal—according to most scientists—and produces far fewer air pollutants. That was enough for many major green groups to give support to gas as a “bridge fuel” to a cleaner energy future—the next best domestic alternative to coal as an electricity source while alternatives like wind and solar scaled up. But for grassroots members of those groups—especially in parts of the country where fracking was already underway—the risk of local pollution wasn’t worth the national and global climate benefits of greater gas consumption, especially as media and scientific attention on the potential threats to water supplies grew. It was a major challenge for environmental leaders: how to balance local concerns about traditional pollution with planet-sized worries over climate change, and how to…

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Ben Rogers Blog

Outdoors, A Moon and A Mountain from BenRogersWPG
see the posting here

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Real Science

There is a huge area of Arctic sea ice north of Canada which is 3-5 metres thick, and is located in places which almost never get above 2C in mid-summer. This ice is not going to melt out during summer at any time in the foreseeable future.

People who forecast an ice-free Arctic are complete imbeciles.

ScreenHunter_32 Feb. 23 08.15


arcticictn_nowcast_anim30d.gif (740×666)

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🙂 love it

The Happsters

Did you know that certain foods can actually have an effect on your mood? I didn’t until recently when I was trying to think of what to give out at our first Happster meet up. I wanted to give something that people would not just enjoy eating, but also positively affects their mood.

Here are my main findings about mood-boosting foods:

Vitamin B

  • These vitamins are also called “anti-stress vitamins”
  • They balance your mood and can help ease your anxiety
  • Some foods with vitamin B include asparagus, nuts, brown rice, bananas, and beans

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

  • They are known to be brain-boosting and help keep anger in check
  • There have been studies that show they may help fight depression
  • Some foods with omega-3 fatty acids include salmon, sardines, flax seeds and walnuts

Vitamin D

  • Vitamin D regulates serotonin, dopamine and other mood hormones
  • Studies have shown vitamin D can help combat seasonal…

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Clkimate astrologists had a field day a decade or so ago about snow being a “thing of the past”. The last few years has proved them wrong, again.

Over 650 snow records set in USA this week – another wonky surface station located

Almost 60% of the contiguous USA covered in snow.

arizona-snowSnow near Tucson, AZ on Thursday Feb 21st – Image from scrape-tv.com

While pundits spin attempts at linking snowfall in the Northeast USA to AGW, much like they do in the summer during heat waves, we find that Nature is just taunting them with snow as far south as the Mexican border in Arizona. And there is more to come, in the next week, we may see snow into Florida. During the last week, 652 new snow records were set in the CONUS as seen in the map below: Continue…

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